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  • 김창겸

    Watershadow in the dish 3_ 비디오설치_4min 50sec_150x100x20cm_2015~2016

  • 안종연

    Light of Amaranth_ Variable size_Variable installation_Emirates Palace installation view_2013

  • 이재형

    Face of City_ LCD Display, PC_2014

  • 한호

    Eternal Light -21c Last Supper_ 14mx3m Canvas on Hangi ,oil ,Charcoal ,LED Light, Black Mirror,tempered glass , video_201

  • 한승구

    SkinOfSkinDiaBlack2_ 혼합매체_가변설치_2016

  • 이이남

    모나리자 폐허_ 5min 44sec_LED TV_2013

Other Works by 이재형(Lee Jae-Hyung)View All

  • 이재형

    생태학적 매트릭스_ 스폰지, 스텐레스, LED, 350x200x100cm, 2011

  • 이재형

    Face of City_ LCD Display, PC_2014

  • 이재형

    Bending Matrix_ LED, Electronic Hardware, FRP, 2010